What is OB Video Comments?




Open Beacon Video Comments is a WordPress plugin that enables visitors or users of a WordPress powered site to create and upload video comments in response to an article posted on the site. Open Beacon Video Comments serves as a alternative to the generic text-based comments widely available on a variety of sites and services. Open Beacon Video Comments is presented as a widget on the front-end that can be placed on any sidebar. The admin can edit the plugin settings on the back-end and perform a number of actions that are of course not available to users on the front-end.


View OB Video Comments in action here.


What can it do?

The main function of the plugin is to enable users to upload captioned video comments with accompanying thumbnails in response to a post; so the plugin can:

  • Create video comments
  • Scroll through comments using Ajax or generic HTML requests
  • Allow direct playback and downloading of video comments by other users/visitors
  • Has a straightforward back-end that allows viewing and editing of videocomments; there is also a settings page to modify the presentation of videocomments on the front-end widget
  • The plugin is presented on the front-end as a widget so that means that it cancomfortable placed on any sidebar that the admin deems appropriate
  • The plugin is also responsive and as such appears perfectly on phone, tablet or computer



True to our philosophy, we want OB Video Comments to be a new way in which people can interact with each other and with ideas; in this way, the world will become smaller.  We also wanted Open Beacon Video Comments to be fun!