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SPREEBIE TRANSCODER is a WordPress plugin that resizes, compresses and stores MP4 video via FFmpeg and Google Cloud Storage.

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Spreebie Transcoder can be installed very easily on any modern WordPress installation (4.1 upwards). It’s goal is to be the EASIEST transcoding software in the world.

Simply install the plugin and set your FFmpeg path in the settings. Should you choose to, you can also enable Google Cloud Storage.

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The  role of video as the premier mode of communication and information transmission in the year 2019 has now become uncontested. Video informs all aspects of our lives, from how we communicated with our loved ones to how radio stations stream content to their ‘listeners’. The monumental task for content providers today is to provide video in a manner in which it is accessible to everyone – not providing video is totally out of the question.

A large part of this is of course driven by the all internet-based media distribution platforms that have sprouted up since 2005. Video has become so instrumental and so effective that it has even triggered the biggest learning cycle in human history. So, the important test for content providers is fundamentally related to access – global access. Pertaining to internet infrastructure, different places in the world are at different stages of development – all those people have to have access to the same content. Providing video at resolutions that deal with scenarios can be what separates a content providers from their competition.

The MP4 video format and FFmpeg have matured tremendously over the past 15 years. MP4 has become the de facto video format on the web and FFmpeg is the goto transcoding tool for some of the biggest video distribution platforms in the world. Just because of the lay of the land in 2019, it is important to use video on your site to interact with you visitors in ways that they can relate to and understand. Communicating in a standard way using the MP4 video format and making sure those videos can be provided in sizes and rates that respond to individual users’ needs and and circumstances in imperative.

WordPress is now running on 30% of all websites – in a way, it has become a kind of web operating system. This means that it has become unavoidable and thinking about creating new products and dedicated implementations of existing products for WordPress is imperative.

The combination of better video transcoding technology, standard (popular) video containers, cloud storage services and a web dominated by a very powerful WordPress was fertile soil to create Spreebie Transcoder.




  1. Resize MP4 video in terms of resolution.

  2. Compress MP4 video.

  3. Adjust the quality and the speed of processing.

  4. Store video Google Cloud Storage.

  5. Organize video in folders in WP Real Media Library is enabled.

  6. Support and a comprehensive manual.

  7. Transcoded media is downloadable.


Spreebie Transcoder is available on WordPress.org.


Download the Spreebie Transcode manual HERE.



If you have found Spreebie Transcoder useful, we are incredibly pleased and appreciative for your curiousity and openness in trying something new and different. To us, Spreebie Transcoder was a labour of love – love for tech, love for the future and love for humanity. We believe that each one of us has a latent talent and vision that can benefit humanity if harnessed. Despite being a labour of love, it takes time to create and manage Spreebie Transcoder.


So, if you did find Spreebie Transcoder beneficial, please donate what you can to keep the project working and efficient. Donate by the copying the donation token and pasting it into the Spreebie Barter widget (on the top right of this page) and clicking “GET”. The donation token is: Open_Beacon_1524342306_241729254

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