KASCADA is a FUN and EASY way to create COOL and INFORMATIVE videos, and to stream videos created by people around you. You can use KASCADA to DISCOVER interesting videos about where you are or DISCOVER interesting videos made at global locations. Brought to you by Spreebie, Inc, Kascada lets you publicize you thoughts in a visual way to people who either live around you, are currently around you or will visit the place you are in at a future date. In this way, you never get to miss anything important going on around you.




You can create videos for EVENTS, PARTIES, SCHOOL ACTIVITIES or even a simple VISIT TO THE BEACH. You can create videos about whatever people could be interested in streaming. Or, you can stream videos that AUTHENTICALLY represent you and how you see the world.


Through Kascada, you will NEVER be INVISIBLE again. EVERYONE gets to be seen and heard.





DISCOVER –  discover and stream all the cool activities, events and thoughts happening around you.


ALWAYS BE SEEN –  Kascada is designed around location and not popularity. This guarantees that people in any given area will get to see most, if not all, of the videos.


CREATE – create videos that show what you are doing and thinking.


LOCATION – videos are linked to the location in which they are created. This association of video with location means that anyone can tell a story about any place and be sure it will be seen.


GLOBAL – a video’s reach is not just limited to location. Videos are also global and are currently ordered by recency.




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