Spreebie Barter – Ethereum Payments Plugin For WordPress



The SPREEBIE BARTER plugin is a widget that enables easy and fast Ethereum payments on any WordPress website via Metamask.


Spreebie Barter can be installed very easily on any modern WordPress installation (4.1 upwards). It’s goal is to be the EASIEST payment and donation system in the world. Not only is it easy to setup and use, it rides on the wave of the tremendously popular Ethereum platform that not only offers smart contracts but the amazing Web3 library upon which amazing utilities like Metamask are built.

Simply install the plugin and drag the widget to your desired position; then that’s that – you now have Ethereum payments and donations on your site.



Online payments have been one of the major applications of the web since the rise of usage of the internet by the general public in the early 1990s – earlier implementations were naturally a lot cruder. Later on, superior payment systems like PayPal and Stripe came along and offered developers ways to facilitate payments.

Another huge wave followed after that – cryptocurrency. Many people had been trying to create popular digital currencies for years – most notably was Nick Szabo with his early efforts in the 1990s. In 2009, blockchain-based currencies were created and later Ethereum, which comes out of the box with smart contracts, was created. Not only is the Ethereum platform advanced, it is also versatile in that it comes with Web3 that can be injected into a web application’s instance to facilitate Ethereum transactions.

Javascript has become a mature language that is capable of doing things that had long been ascribed to compiled programming languages – this maturity has given leeway to create better products.

WordPress is now running on 30% of all websites – in a way, it has become a kind of web operating system. This means that it has become unavoidable and thinking about creating new products and dedicated implementations of existing products for WordPress is imperative.

The combination of better payments technology, cryptocurrencies, mature Javascript and a web dominated by a very powerful WordPress was fertile soil to create Spreebie Bartner – a completely new paradigm in online payment.




  1. Very intuitive, fast and stable payments built on modern and cutting-edge technology.

  2. Crytocurrency to fiat conversions.

  3. Generate payment and donation tokens that will be used for payments.

  4. Ajaxified payment information retrieval.

  5. Collapse/minimize feature available depending on the theme.

  6. Very clean and well documented code.

  7. The widget can be positioned on the sidebar or at the bottom (footer) like a traditional chat box.

  8. Desktop and mobile enabled.


Spreebie Barter is available on WordPress.org.



If you have found Spreebie Barter useful, we are incredibly pleased and appreciative for your curiousity and openness in trying something new and different. To us, Spreebie Barter was a labour of love – love for tech, love for the future and love for humanity. We believe that each one of us has a latent talent and vision that can benefit humanity if harnessed. Despite being a labour of love, it takes time to create and manage Spreebie Barter.


So, if you did find Spreebie Barter beneficial, please donate what you can to keep the project working and efficient. Donate by the copying the donation token and pasting it into the Spreebie Barter widget (on the top right of this page) and clicking “GET”. The donation token is: Open_Beacon_1524342306_241729254

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