RobberBaron.TV WordPress Plugin

ROBBERBARON.TV is a WordPress plugin that connects your personal WordPress site/blog to your RobberBaron profile where your premium content is hosted. RobberBaron.TV can be installed very easily on any modern WordPress installation (4.1 upwards). The goal is to link the personal sites of content creators who already have a following with their premium RobberBaron content that their current followers and new people may not know about. Simply install the plugin and enter your RobberBaron email in the field.



Content creation has grown by leaps and bounds in recent years. So much so that online content creators are beginning to challenge the dominance of traditional media. There are incredible opportunities to not only grow this segment but to create something new that has never been seen before. Unfortunately, some of the best online creatives are reduced to begging, including product endorsements in their content or even self-censoring because their content might get demonitized for breaching the requirements of third-party advertisers. What is needed is a platform for online creators that pays them for their premium content without limitations on what they can discuss – in the same way that traditional media has always given their programming great latitude and creative freedom. Enter RobberBaron. It was created to fill this void. The RobberBaron plugin gives content creators who already have a following the ability to direct their people to their premium content on RobberBaron – empowering not only themselves but potential followers in the process.


ROBBERBARON.TV is available on


Download the ROBBERBARON.TV manual HERE.

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