Rap music, tech, Childish Gambino and Spreebie

For about a decade or so, the democratising nature of the internet was relegated to being just another 21st century platitude or worse, Silicon Valley hype that has no real world examples.  I was sitting in the car this morning, thinking about Childish Gambino and contrasting his music to the grittier sort created by the Chiraq/Drill movement and I had an epiphany: coding and writing raps are pretty similar endeavours in the year 2016.


Just like Childish says, rap as an art form has become obsolete in it’s social utility.  With tech on the other hand, it’s still early days.  Even though these two art forms are in clearly very different stages of their evolution, because of the internet, their distribution is exactly the same.

We just released our Spreebie trading app for iPhone and are about to embark on user acquisition. If you think about it, that’s similar to recording a mixtape and then going about the process of getting fans. The process is roughly the same.  I also recently watched a Jhene Aiko interview where she touched on recording her mixtape and distributing it and I marvelled at how similar that is to tech as it exists today – writing your app, getting approved in the App Store and then getting users.

The interesting thing is that physical location is no longer a barrier to anything.  If you create something and it resonates with people who hear and see it, it is bound to become a hit. This is the product-market-fit ethos that drives the Spreebie service; that is also the rap music at is exists today – some kid from some place no one has ever heard of can become the next big thing. Think Fetty Wap.

There is an incredible convergence of creativity happening right now and the only thing holding creatives back is themselves

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