Precious Kargo – a FUN and CAREFREE action-adventure game



“Relax, Destress and Kill Time”

PRECIOUS KARGO is a FUN and CAREFREE action-adventure game that helps you RELAX, RELIEVE STRESS and KILL TIME. With an an epic plot and easy gameplay, Precious Kargo is made to give you maximum enjoyment without having to think too hard about the gameplay.




200 years into the the future, humanity – organised under the Terran Star Empire – is under threat. The only person who knows how save the Empire is Princess Kargo. Your job is to transport her out of enemy territory into the safety of the human leadership. With the exception of barriers and portals, everything that moves is your enemy. Avoid getting hit and shoot all enemies. Collect as many points as you can. You have seven lives. You have three exciting territories to traverse filled with powerful and diverse enemies. Enjoy and good luck! Save the Empire!


Precious Kargo will be available on the App Store soon.

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