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Ever had an AMAZING idea or thought about some part of your life just randomly pop into your head out of nowhere? Don’t you hate it when you forget it a minute later? Sometimes, you even write it down but forget its energy, vibe, spirit or ethos. PicShip uses an amazing camera to capture that energy with fun video and picture notes, tasks and reminders to organize your life.
With PicShip, you can create fun, rich and filtered video and picture notes and reminders to store on the cloud, for FREE. NEVER forget a touching anniversary message, a cool music beat or the details of a corporate memo again.


Share your videos and pictures publicly with the PicShip community and connect with your phone contacts and like-minded people!
Download PicShip now and start organizing your life in fun and interesting ways.





CAPTURE THE ENERGY OF THE MOMENT – instantaneously capture the energy and vibe of a thought or idea relating to a task, note, event or reminder.


CREATE AMAZING VIDEOS AND PICS (ShipPics), TAG CONTACTS – with the amazing Kanvas camera, record, snap, filter, border and add text to videos and images. Manage relationships by tagging a phone contact in an important event and milestone. You can set date and time when you want to be reminded of your ShipPic and even make it public to share it with the community!


STREAM PUBLIC SHIPPICS, BE ENTERTAINED AND GET IDEAS – you can share your videos and pictures (ShipPics) with the community or you can stream ShipPics created by others – you can comment, connect and be inspired by the everyday moments in people’s lives and incorporate them into important aspects of your life – team building pep talks, anniversaries and even grocery lists..


STORE YOUR FILES ONLINE – all your ShipPics are are stored on the service. Because the service uses accounts, you can never lose any of your files as long as you have access to your phone number.


CHAT WITH PEOPLE ON YOUR PHONE CONTACT LIST – chat with your phone contacts already on the service. If your phone contacts are stored with country codes (+1 555 555 1234) and they are on PicShip, you can initiate and securely chat with them.

Download PicShip now and start enjoyable organization and management of your life!




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