Our Values At Spreebie


Connection and collaboration to bring the best out of us

The greatest human achievements have been accomplished by human beings working together.  The great tragedy of human nature is that beyond very small social groups, people find it VERY difficult to cooperate.  Technology has proven to be a great way to neutralise this limitation.  One of humanity’s great strengths is the need to connect.  Connection invariably leeds to collaboration. Spreebie, like most technology concerns believes in helping people connect and benefit from that connection.  We do that by navigating people to the same location with the expectation of them doing business with each other.  We believe that when people come together and work together, very good things happen that end up benefitting the whole of humanity.

The infinite potential of every human being

At Spreebie, we believe that ALL human beings are born with an innate potential to do incredible things and it is the duty of every human being to discover that potential, develop it and use it to benefit themselves and humanity as a whole.  Spreebie is dedicated to creating tools and features that aid people in such a task. In the Spreebie app, we aid in the most primal of human activities: trade.

Beauty for beauty’s sake

We believe that beauty should exist for beauty’s sake.  Contrary to Mies van der Rohe views, we do not think that form necessarily needs to follow function. Ornamentation is not crime.  Art can have social utility, articulate a popular rage or curate the zeitgeist. Art can also be incredibly beautiful; that beauty does not need to have meaning. Humans appreciate beauty simply because it exists.

Using technology to advance the social progress of Homo Sapiens

Social progress of humanity has been accelerated since the rise of radio, TV and the internet. People have grown to understand each other and gaps have been bridged.  An incredible amount of work has yet to be done but we do believe that technology has always played a role in social progress and will continue to do so into the distant future.  We at Spreebie know that we will play a major role now and into the future; and work on products and services that will benefit humanity immensely.

Interaction with each other with honour, honesty and dignity

We believe honour, honesty and dignity are great strengths.  We also believe that all people should interact with each other in this way.  Societies that value these strengths are generally very stable, rich and cohesive.  We are bound to our users by the same values.  We believe in treating our users with the GREATEST RESPECT.


Transparency is important to all humans.  Transparency leads to understanding and trust.  We believe in transparency in all we do from the functionality of our product and features to the implementation of business contracts.  We intend to have billions of users who believe in the same thing.

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