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The OPEN BEACON MP4 CONVERSION AND COMPRESSION WITH FFMPEG PRO plugin converts and compresses video files to the popular MP4 format using the powerful FFmpeg tool. It also offers direct support to customers at every stage of the process – installation, FFmpeg configuration and general usage.



OB MP4 CC Pro was created to solve three major problems:

  1. CONTROLLING HOW YOUR VIDEO IS DISPLAYED, PRESENTED AND INTERACTED WITH.  We at Open Beacon believe that self-hosted video has great value because the way viewers watch and interact with can be controlled and thus, you are able to control your brand.  There are no ads placed on top of your video nor is you video associated with videos that may tarnish your brand – or even WORSE, competitors getting attention off of your video! The plugin thus makes sure that the process of placing your video on your WordPress site is as easy as possible. Self-hosting also helps with presenting your video with a player of your choosing. You also get no SEO credit on video sharing sites which means that video sharing platforms can create awareness about you but do not drive traffic to your site.
  2. CONVERTING VIDEO IS DIFFICULT. This plugin takes the burden out of converting video to standard MP4 format. You just upload your video and it is converted for you.
  3. BANDWIDTH PROBLEMS FOR SELF-HOSTED VIDEO. Good FFmpeg compression settings mean that your video can be as small as possible and still be high quality; because of this, the issue of bandwidth is mitigated.

Below is a demonstration of this plugin’s AMAZING compression capabilities using just the default settings:

Over the past 10 years, the stunning rise of video on the internet as a way to communicate and disseminate ideas has made it a platform that EVERYONE has needed to get familiar with and master.  With this rise, came incredible tools like FFmpeg and video file formats like MP4, that has become the de facto video format on the web.  FFmpeg is a powerful open source video conversion, compression and streaming tool used by top services like YouTube and Facebook. Because of the current zeitgeist, it is important to use video on your site to interact with you visitors in ways that they can relate to and understand.  Communicating in a standard way using the MP4 video format and making sure those videos are small in size but good in quality is therefore absolutely imperative.

Open Beacon MP4 Conversion and Compression combines WordPress with FFmpeg to easily convert files from the popular FLV and MOV file formats to the even more popular MP4 file format.  Existing MP4 files can be radically compressed without any perceptible loss in video quality.  In short, Open Beacon MP4 Conversion and Compression is what any WordPress aficionado needs if they want to use FFmpeg.



The pro version is specifically designed to offer direct support to customers. The nature of the support is broken up into three chapters that represent the lifecycle of the plugin – installation stage, FFmpeg setup stage and general usage stage. The Open Beacon team has dedicated members devoted to supporting the plugin and responding within the shortest time possible.  The support happens via an email of the customer’s choosing. Another addition is extensive security and user input validation that prevents any type of attack via the plugin.


More technical users can create additional error categories that qualify the nature of the errors experienced to make that solving the problem is even more swift and precise.



1. Install the plugin like it is commonly done, either by uploading it via FTP or by using the “Add Plugin” function of WordPress.

2. Activate the plugin at the plugin administration page.

3. Go to the “OB MP4 ConComp Central” and click the “Settings” tab.

4. Enter the FFmpeg path. Put in a local FFmpeg path for a local WordPress installation or one provided by your host for a remote one.

5. Go to the “Central” tab and start converting.


1.Go to the “OB MP4 ConComp Central” menu and click it. Click on the “Settings” tab.  Make sure that the FFmpeg path has been entered correctly and that FFmpeg has in fact been found.



2. Click on the “Central” tab.  You can the select the video you want to convert, assign it a category and write a short caption.  After all the data has been filled out, click the “Convert and Compress Video” button. After the video has been converted and compressed, You can view it by going to the “OB MP4 ConComps” menu.



3.Click on the “Support” tab. You enter your email, select your error stage and describe in detail the exact nature of your problem. Then click “Send Message”.



4. The “OB MP4 ConComps” page shows all the compressions and conversions you have made, titled with the caption you entered.  Click on one of the titled links to open your output video.



4. The “Open Beacon MP4 Compression and Conversion” page contains metaboxes with metadata pertaining to the video output. This is the same data you captured when you uploaded the original video. To get your compressed and converted video, go to the bottom “Video” metabox and right click the “Download” button; you can then save the output video wherever you please.



Open Beacon MP4 Conversion and Compression will be available on CodeCanyon soon.

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