MAJESHI is a FUN and EASY way to interact with people around you. Wherever you are, you can identify, chat, share files and connect with people around you if they also have MAJESHI installed on their phones. We at Spreebie, Inc understand how interesting people REALLY are – not just with what they say but what they don’t say as well. It can be hard to initially break the ice with a new person. MAJESHI helps with the hard bits of initially connecting in social settings. Through IDENTIFICATION, NUDGING and MATCHiNG, Majeshi takes the awkwardness out of initial interactions and lets people communicate easily with people around them as long as they have Majeshi installed on their phones and are on the same Wifi or Bluetooth network.



You can connect with people at EVENTS, RESTAURANTS, BARS, PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION and even in the CLASSROOM – any place with a wifi or bluetooth personal network. In the end, we want technology to connect us with people in the REAL WORLD.




NEARBY DISCOVERY AND IDENTIFICATION – discover and identify individuals around you with Majeshi installed on their phones – this requires that you be on the same wifi or bluetooth network. After this discovery, several forms of interaction will be available.


MATCHING – get match notification for people around you, preferably in social settings, who have the same interests as you do.


FILE STORAGE, BROWSING AND SHARING – you can store files on folder you will be allocated. This folder can be seen publicly on the app and thus, an interesting form of file sharing can take place.


CHAT – chat with people around you. As long as the have Majeshi installed, you and initiate a chat with the or receive a chat message from them.


NUDGING, CONNECTING AND LONG-DISTANCE CHAT – to initiate interactions but still avoid social awkwardness, you can “nudge” people around you as a way to show interesting. Such initial interactions may eventually lead to you connecting with them to become “buddies” on Majeshi. When you become buddies, you can chat long-distance as well.




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