Commonality – Private Social Network


COMMONALITY is a private social network that connects users via a wifi or bluetooth network and can then implement very interesting social networking features like identification, user profiles, file sharing and chat.

Connect with people near you on the same wifi or bluetooth network. This is perfect for a time when people all across the world who have privacy concerns are interested in forming deeper connections with people in their schools, workplaces, homes and places they frequent without any unnecessary awkwardness.

Simply change some configuration settings without any coding and voila! – you now have a private social network.





  1. Very intuitive, fast and stable chat built on modern mainstream technology.
  2. Facebook Login.
  3. Firebase database and authentication.
  4. AWS SNS (push notifications) and S3 (storage).
  5. Real-time chat.
  6. Mesh networking (Multipeer connectivity).
  7. User profiles.
  8. Settings page – contact and user information.
  9. Cloud file system.
  10. Update user status.
  11. Connections with other users.
  12. Public folders with files that can be shared.
  13. In-App purchases.


ChopItUp Live Chat with Firebase will be available on CodeCanyon soon.

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