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The CHOPITUP LIVE CHAT WITH FIREBASE plugin is a premium widget that enables fast, stable and intuitive live chat for WordPress posts using the powerful Firebase service.


Live chat can be installed VERY EASILY on your site via any new or old Firebase backend. It serves as a way to enable open-ended and free flowing communication in order to create communities around a post, a site or blog.  Not only is it easy to setup and easy to use, it taps into the way people already use real-time communication as a way of creating online communities around ideas and interests. We guarantee great support to help with installation or operational issues.

Simply install the plugin and drag the widget to your desired position; then viola! – you now have live chat.


Chat has been a staple of web-based communication since the rise of usage of the internet by the general public in the early 1990s – earlier implementations were naturally a lot cruder, most centering around applets or getting the browser to recognize a new mime type in order to support an external implementation of chat. Browsers nowadays come with incredible capabilities and support out the box and as such, some of the most advanced, light and stable implementations of chat can be done fairly quickly and easily.

The rise of cloud services has also lightened the load so that developers can work on creative aspects of products and leave the basic functionality to cloud services. The fact that heavy duty logic happens on the the cloud means that small sites don’t have to deal with the heavy duty stuff dedicated to the cloud.

Javascript has become a mature language that is capable of doing things that had long been ascribed to other compiled programming languages – this maturity has given leeway to create better products.

WordPress is now running on 30% of all websites – in a way, it has become a kind of web operating system. This means that it has become unavoidable and thinking about creating new products and dedicated implementations of existing products for WordPress is imperative.

The combination of better browsers, cloud, mature Javascript and a web dominated by a very powerful WordPress was fertile soil to create ChopItUp Live Chat with Firebase – a product that we believe is not only extremely utilitarian but timely as well.




  1. Very intuitive, fast and stable chat built on modern mainstream technology.
  2. Desktop and mobile enabled.
  3. Live-chat for posts – tabs for users and chats are used to navigate a very easy to use widget.
  4. Public and private chat features.
  5. Typing indicator available.
  6. The widget can be positioned on the sidebar or at the bottom (footer) like a traditional chat box.
  7. User search available.
  8. Can work fine with a free Firebase account.
  9. Automatic anonymity unless user signs in on site.
  10. Online/Offline indicator for users.
  11. Collapse/minimize feature on available depending on the theme.
  12. Compatible with WordPress 4.1 – 4.9.
  13. Very clean and well documented code.


ChopItUp Live Chat with Firebase will be available on CodeCanyon soon.

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