CakeHeap Budget by Presh Mnisi

Somebody once asked this question, “If you were a finance manager for your company, would you fire you?”

They say your budget is a written goal for your money. You need to set up a budget every month, don’t try to set up the perfect budget, just spend every dollar on paper before you actually spend it. THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT!!

But it can be so hard to create a budget, the heap of numbers that one needs punch in, gosh! Don’t get me started on the mathematics/accounting.

Sometimes we tell ourselves we just need discipline (as we are always advised). Imagine if you now have to check how you were doing in three months of your budget ‘discipline’, won’t you be tired of having to look through all these different records? Too many numbers freak me out (excuse the language)

With CakeHeap Budget though, it doesn’t become a heap of stress, it becomes a piece of cake!

You get to have you records an financial statements at a go, it sets a reminder of the things you need to do, it gives you a visual presentation on how much time you spend at Star Bucks, maybe you went overboard for your Christmas spending this year.

So, get CakeHeap Budget Professional. Enjoy life while it works for you. Anywhere you go.

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