Yearly Archives: 2015

Open Beacon MP4 Conversion and Compression 1

  The Open Beacon MP4 Conversion and Compression plugin converts and compresses video files to the popular MP4 format using the powerful FFmpeg tool.   Over the past 10 years, the stunning rise of video on the internet as a way to communicate and disseminate ideas has made it a platform that EVERYONE has needed […]

Being my trillest self by Thabo David Klass 3

You know, my business partner just showed me a video of Seth Godin, a man who deeply inspires him and I marvelled at how simpatico I could be with a man (Seth) who is in most respects, the direct opposite of who I am.  Right now, at this present moment, I have a deep appreciation […]

Open Beacon Video Comments v1.0.2

Open Beacon Video Comments v1.0.2 is about to be released! We received a LOT of interesting feedback from users and prospective users of the first version. We generally got the same request. 1. Let the video comment play on the same page as the post. 2. Enable FFmpeg support for video conversion and snapshots on […]

Clothing Brands For Chilled-out Dudes

  One of the most powerful ways that we express and present ourselves as human beings is in our clothing.  Clothing can be used to express ideas about beliefs, lifestyle, personality and even background.  Clothing is tightly interwoven with a person’s identity.  So, what about young (or young-ish) men? What about placid and laid back […]

5 Best Selling Books Millennials Should Read 1

The 5 best selling books millennials should read is directed at members of the millennial generation (Generation Y) who may have missed out on reading one or even all of these books; they offer priceless insights made by great authors from previous generations – insights that will greatly enrich a young (or youngish) person’s life. […]

OB Video Comments Demo 1

  Creation of the Open Beacon Video Comments plugin was based on the rise of one trend: people are going to start to use video to communicate and keep records more.  In the future, video may even surpass writing as a method of communicating and keeping records.     To the left of this post, […]