Clothing Brands For Chilled-out Dudes


One of the most powerful ways that we express and present ourselves as human beings is in our clothing.  Clothing can be used to express ideas about beliefs, lifestyle, personality and even background.  Clothing is tightly interwoven with a person’s identity.  So, what about young (or young-ish) men? What about placid and laid back men? The ambitious and yet chilled-out dudes everyone knows, works with or lives next door to.  What kind of clothing brands do they wear or should be aware of?

Whether a woman is wearing Lilly Pulitzer, Ferragamo, Vineyard Vines or Kate Spade, with each it is very clear the kind of message she is advancing and the way she would like to be perceived.  Laid-back but ambitious men have an desire to have the prestige that success brings but find displays of ostentation offensive and tacky.  So i took it upon myself to look back at my life and list some of the brands that have a subtle feel about them.  Here is the list: 

IZOD – the brand for laid-back preppies and MBAs.  Loved by yuppies everywhere, IZOD is a brand that was once linked with the now very popular Lacoste.  IZOD has a small but loyal global following that is usually elitist but has an intense aversion for loudness.

haggar – the perennial man’s man brand; known for its high quality products and almost rustic vibe, haggar is definitely a brand for the type of man who wants to make a statement without seeming like he’s trying to make a statement.

Original Penguin/Grand Slam – this brand conjures up images of CEOs and neurosurgeons putting on the green and discussing how such-and-such a bank failed a stress test two days before.  It is both classy and affordable – and most importantly, laid-back.

Cubavera is a brand that has a beach vibe to it.  If you’re the kind of main that likes to take your lady for lovely walks at the beach, this if definitely a brand for you.

Greg Norman – another golf brand that usually makes clothes from some of the most stunning material. If you’re the country-club sort or trying to pass as one (lol), give Greg Norman a try.

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